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Hi everyone,  I am new to charging LiPo batteries and want to make sure I am doing things correctly.   I have a 11.1v 8c battery for my radio.  As you can see in the photo it has a number of connections.  I want to charge it, but not sure exactly what end I should use, and where I plug it in on my Thunder AC6 charger.   I believe I use the lead with the 3 black and 1 red, but do I just plug it into the board with all the balance plugs?    Any help would be appreciated.





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  • Hi, the plug with 4 wires needs to plug into the balance board of your charger. Then, depending on what adapter you have you may plug any one of the 4 other wires to the charge leads of your charger. Set the charger for LIPO BALANCE, 11.1v(3s), 1A. Then hit start.

    Recap: plug with 3 black wires and one red needs to plug into the balance board

    Plug one of the other four wires into the charge leads being sure of polarity

    Set charger for LIPO BALANCE, 11.1v, 1A

    Hit start
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