Hey everyone! I'm in the process of building what will (hopefully) become my first fully autonomous quad copter based around the DJI f450 flame-wheel. I could really do with some help choosing the flight controller and I'm hoping someone here will be able to answer some of my questions? 

I've already ruled out the NAZA M v2 or anything similar by DJI due to their closed system and lack of compatibility with third party hardware. However something in the same price range as the NAZA M (i.e £100 > £150) would be ideal. 

Preferably I'd would like to get the original pixhawk but nowhere in the UK has any of the original boards in stock and if I order one as a kit from mRobotics with shipping the total price is just under £300. I would make more sense to just buy the new pixhawk 2.1 at that price range. As such my questions are this:

1. Can anyone recommend a pixhawk clone that they have experience with? I've read that cuav pixhack is okay, but then in other places I've heard people having nothing but problems with them.

2. I'm aware that the APM 2.x boards are no longer supported by ardupilot but is it still possible to buy one new and just use the last supported firmware version?

Any advise is welcome and greatly appreciated. I'm open to all suggestions. Thank you all!



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