Help me find a reason why my friend crashed


My friend asked me if I can ask somebody here for help analysing his crash. We really appreciate even little help.

It was his first flight with his new machine.

His pre flight and flight procedure was as follows:

1) He connected 3S battery.

2) Connected MP through 433Mhz telemetry.

3) He did compass and accelerometer calibration.

4) He unplugged 3S battery and plugged 6S lipo.

5) Automatic disconnection and connection of Mission Planner because of battery change.

6) He took his quad to garden and waited for gps lock.

7) I took off in Stabilize.

8) Switched flight mode into Loiter - Loiter didn't work - again switch into Stabilize.

9) He was flying in Stabilize and AltHold.

10) He was yawing left and descending.

11) Copter started to act weird.

12) Motors RPM was slowing down.

13) Pixhawk started to Beep Beep.

14) And then motors stopped and copter felt from the skies.

15) As he said: Suicide Time! :D

16) After the crash. BEC was destroyed and Motors were beeping like there is no signal source.

All the time, he has connected MissionPlanner via telemetry radio. EKF fail was sometimes at 100%!

In attachment there is Telemetry log.

We couldn't download flight log from Pixhawk because it looks like SD card broke. There were only 3 unreadable files. Each file was named with weird characters...

If anybody could help is find what happened we would be really grateful!

Thank you.

2016-05-05 19-42-44.rlog

2016-05-05 19-42-44.tlog

2016-05-05 19-42-44.tlog.jpg

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  • He said he used BEC rated for 6S...

    Anyway my own opinion is the same. BEC started to drop voltage, Pixhawk noticed it, started to BEEP BEEP BEEP, and after bigger voltage drop, pixhawk stopped working and quad felt from the sky.

    • If Bec for 6s but power module for 4s he fried the power module.

  • you lost power in the air dude....that why the log file keeps going showing disconnected while drone was stil in the air at 45m....probably fried your power module because it isnt rated for 6S....thats all

  • Is all his electronics rated for a 6S battery(25v) including BEC's, ESC's and the APM power module (the standard power module is rated for 4S)?


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