Actually Im wornking on 4 TNY Plush 30A mods! but I have a question for someone who wanna help me in this... Im trying to desolder the voltage regulators but i think my technique is not working... I applied heat with the soldering iron on top of them and nothing... My skills are basic so any suggestions are welcome... it is neccesary to use a hot air station for this parts??...wich i dont have lol! Just dont wanna mess up the other components on the ESC.

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Is the solder melting? If not, get a hotter iron with maybe a broader tip. Once the solder melts you'll be a ble to wick it away with some solder wick. That's all I've got- good luck!
You have to apply enough heat directly to the solder. Make sure your soldering iron is hot enough, clean and even "prime" it with a bit of solder to "carry" the heat to the joint. Temperature is likely the main factor. Use of at least desoldering wick or a desolder pump greatly assists in removing the solder. With wick you will need to heat the wick as well to get the solder to flow to it.
Why do you want to remove them? I left mine in place.

The problem is that the ground pad conducts the heat away especially as you are only heating from one edge of the component and the component tab is also quite large. I would suggest a gun to get heat all around the component.

Success!!!! made it with a 150w dual heat gun! Thanks for the replays!!

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