• You need put -18.8 into APM Planner 

    Becuase Your Position Declination is a WEST or Negative it's a ( - ) 

    But, If Declination is a EAST or Positive it's a (+)


    Now , I live in Bangkok. My Declination -0.38 or 0.38 WEST. And I compare between real compass and my Magnetometer . You should compare real compass (don't compass in Iphone or you moblie phone) Real Compass !!!!

  • Hi Gareth, I got -17.32 for Pretoria - entered it like that and looked at the Flight Data page while rotating and turning the quad - looks within 10 deg to my untrained eye. Now I guess its up to flight testing...


  • hi Gareth

    I'm also in SA and I just entered it as a negative, the setup accepted it, shouldn't be a problem


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