Hexa Flips with ANY Throttle Input

Hey All-

So I have been flying my DIYdrone hexa for several weeks with plenty of success.  I've got the APM 2.5 and a Spektrum DX7s radio.  I recently replaced the PDB and now the drone won't lift correctly.  The radio has been binded and calibrated and it arms/disarms just fine.  The ESC's have been re-calibrated and the rest of the start-up procedures have been followed.  However, when the throttle is touched even a little, the airframe violently flips over.  I have gone back and repeated many of the steps as I've attempted to locate the problem, so on one level the drone has been thoroughly prepped, but it simply isn't correct yet.  What am I missing?


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  • Did you try the motor numbering and direction procedure ? 

  • Triple check your esc signal leads, that seems the most likely error coming from a pdb change.
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