I had a crash with my hexacopter with pixhawk 3.3.2 firmware

I had a perfect flight until i loose my front left prop as you can see at the video.
After the prop break from the hub the copter still hold it possition and stability

I dident understand why the copter had a full front yaw when i was watching it from the ground amd then i made a pitch to bring it close to me.
The copter behave normally even with 5 props until i made a yaw move , and then it started rotating by it self and loosing altitude.

I change at stabillize and put full throttle to make it hold the altitude but this dident help

The good thing is that the damage was only the plastic connector of the legs that connects the 16mm tube with the 10mm

What should i do to keep it not to rotating by it self and loosing altitude??
If i had the simple mode will it keep the altitude??
If i just hit the land mode will it just land safe??
Did the yaw move i make made the copter to loose the altitude??


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Post the onboard log, then I am sure that the question can be answered

Yes, please post log.  Until then, we do not have enough information.

I will , when i get back at home at night

I dont know what i have done but there is no ome log at my pixhawk ,,,i upload 2 files from my telemetry logs if they can help

You can download it from here


Can anybody tell me what should i do so my microsd save all the logs???

Try to replace

I upload them here


What's going on with your modes ? (see screenshot)

Anyway , before the prop failure, you were hovering at 45% throttle, after it, at above 76%,   you had very low speed at the time of yawing/altitude drop.

while 76% was able to hover, the n you stop up and additional yaw input reduced the total thrust (due to reduced thrust available)  - and it started to fall due to the vortex ring state effect, on the way down, throttle is 100%

by applying full speed in some direction while falling, you should have been able to recover.  (the depends on your awareness of VRS - of course, now you have a chance to learn about it, and recognize it in time in the future.)


Andre K thank you for analyse my logs

About the modes you mention i dont know what happend . i have 2 switches for change the flight modes

1 switch 3 pos is  1 stabilize 2alt hold 3pos hold  and when i make the 2nd switch down, the 1st 3pos switch goes 1 i dont remember (lol) 2 land 3rtl

When i made the yaw turn and the copter start to loose altitude and turn by it self i PANIC......

I think i put rtl amd after it keep falling i put stabillize to have more power and have altitude.

So you think if i made full pitch it could keep the altitude???

Some guy mention to use  simple mode so the copter dident care about full yaw and i could drive it to my home place.

"So you think if i made full pitch it could keep the altitude???"

yes, by what I see in the logs . read up on VRS.

"Some guy mention to use  simple mode so the copter dident care about full yaw and i could drive it to my home place."

well, yawing is not required anyway, the hexa can fly in any direction, so no real need to yaw, simple mode makes pilots rely on magnetometer/GPS too much, so it's good not to use it.

Thank you very much Andre

I hope in the future i will not be in the same situation again and not need to use the things i learn here.


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