• 3DR supplies 20A ESCs with the Hex kit. It is safe to say the PDB will handle 20A x 6.

    30A is 33% more and it may be too much for an unmodified PDB. You are wise to question employing that PDB.

    On the other hand, do you think you will ever draw 30A in flight? If you are doing a heavy lift application then it may reach that point.


  • Hello, I did a solder blob at the moment and it works well, only thing is it's pretty hard to do well, gotta be used to soldering.

    I am building  plain copper  thin rounded shaped distrib boards which are going to be up to the task on large octos. DIY or maybe I can send you one if you are ready to pay for parts and shipping  and for waiting a bit.

    There's gonna be one per pole,


  • Sorry I meant input

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