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arduino noob, know some 8051 80552 and some languages from sql to C,perl and ASM x86 so will see how it goes.. Ardupilot for Xmas XX12. Always dreamt of flying, willing to do so DIY

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greg b replied to Mitchell Yazdani's discussion Hexacopter Power Distribution Board
"Hello, I did a solder blob at the moment and it works well, only thing is it's pretty hard to do well, gotta be used to soldering.

I am building  plain copper  thin rounded shaped distrib boards which are going to be up to the task on large octos.…"
Jul 3, 2013
greg b posted a discussion
Hello guys,Started the octo at last,the motors all rotate but I think output 5 of the apm is causing me troubles:armed or disarmed the motor runs randomly at another speed than the others (it actually run disarmed but when armed i don't interact…
Jul 2, 2013
greg b replied to Andrew Chapman's discussion Power Module v2.0 suggestion: multiple outputs in ArduCopter User Group
"7v would be sweet to, many tx equipements use 7v"
Apr 8, 2013
greg b posted a discussion
Hi all,I'm currently designing a setup with two tx and two cams, one for fpv and one as preview of a go pro/5d. the go pro/5d is piloted as a standalone on a 3axis gimbal.I've seen wifi video Transmission over wifi -carambola setup on the ground -…
Jan 21, 2013