i have tried several computers and browsers and i get a "cookies problem warning" using Opera ,IE and Firefox all to no avail and earlier this morning when i could get by without the cookie warning i could not order an Ardupilot shield V 2 kit and have it load into the cart arrrrrgggghhh but smaller items would just so you know :-)

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Works great for me.

On any site where you want to order something, you MUST have your cookies enabled... that is pretty universal.
(the site has to identify you!)
yes it works for me too. clear all privacy settings ( reset IE) to default ,disable all popup blockers etc and try again.
I tried ordering a Shield kit too, BUT, the Shield is out of stock, so the kit is probably not being sold because of it...
the problem is linked only to the Ardupilot shield V2 and the full kit that is the only time i get the cookie warning everything else works and loads into the cart no problem so it is not my browser settings nor those of two different computers and browsers with different settings one set so wide open i could drive a car into it
Hi Benjamin,
Shield is not being sold because of it?!! It is just out of stock and has nothing to do with issue mentioned in this post :) , just to clear any confussion
No security at all, huh...say, whats your I.P.?
Sgt Ric,
i should give you the IP of a "Nigerian" letter spammer ;-)) LOL ROTFLMAO

i dont even have IE on my machine and yes i run it very tight on security but this is linked only to the shield and full shield kit and stock shows 45 full shield kits with board in stock
The kit shows 45, but I would bet that Jordi grabs parts from the parts bin to make the kit. He might have 45 of the other parts in stock, but because the shield is out of stock, you can't order the kit.

That's probably wy we get this message: {The quantity of the following kit item in your cart has been adjusted to meet the available quantity we currently have in stock: "ArduPilot Shield V2"}
Benjamin, yes you are correct!

Is just added two shields into the stock, i will make more today! Sorry!

Jordi ,
THANK YOU i just snagged one ,i am happy to help keep you in business :-)
Really appreciated, thanks! ;-)

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