High definition FPV


Is there such thing as high definition FPV? i.e. is it possible to transmit high definition video from UAV to ground and receive the transmitted high definition vido on the ground for FPV application?

Do you know any high definition FPV system?

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  • I saw a great post about it a while ago. Where you can get HD FPV with extended battery life. Think it was http://dronecontelecamera.net where they talk about this subject. The movie is awesome and it feels like you are actually flying

  • We already tested on UAV (fixed wing) flying 60Km in the air,313M height.
  • Hi,Rasmus,Yes,our RX can recording the whole video when the camera flying on the UAV
  • It's hear and it's cheap for what it is:


    Just get a decent antenna (in 433mhz range) and a small 1-4watt amp and you will have 1080p complete happiness with very low latency for fpv. images are AMAZING in 1080p WHILE you fly. 

  • Can you go into a little more detail about why 3 transmitters wont work?

  • Considering they've only just started doing it for tv I can't see a miniature one coming along anythime soon can you??

  • Umm.. Is it just me or is everyone over thinking this?

    I'm using a ubiquiti Bullet M5 with an IP camera and its smoothy goodness. Barely any latency. I'm only running a cheap 640x480 IP cam at the moment for ground testing but i'm sure higher resolution won't bust the available bandwidth.

    Using helical on ground and cloverleaf on the aircraft. Using US frequencies on the bullet m5s to keep them in the frequency "sweet spot" of the antennas.

    Teradek cube is anoher option i've seen working first hand.

  • The MicroraptorHD system is a commercially available high definition link which offers realtime long range HD video transmission (and a bidirectional IP/serial datalink), with latency low enough for FPV. Weight is as low as 50 grams with radio, or 23 grams for a compression board without radio.

  • I recently received a GoPro and was testing the component video cable to my tv. A thought came to mind - would three separate composite video transmitters feeding the RGB signals back to three separate receivers and then feed each to the component connectors of a tv actually retain the picture? Would the bandwidth of one standard def transmitter handle the signal of one of the three colors? If so, then if each tx/rx combo were identical (but set to three different channels then they should be in sync with each other. Even if one dropped out you should still see the picture.
    Can anyone see a flaw in that (apart from the obvious added weight)?
  • I have to say, I am extremely interested in this topic.

    Not for FPV use but for developing a practical and economical "eye in the sky" drone to monitor search parties in wilderness searches. A loitering drone with a stabilized camera, autonomously loitering around a waypoint and relaying a real-time HD image to the control center. 

    As for lenses... anyone tested these ?


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