• But what about the follow me mode ? How to increase the speed in follow me mode ? Or does increasing the loiter speed will result in increased follow me speed ?? 

    Stephan said:

    Thanks, works fine. :)
    How to obtain higher speed in follow me and loiter mode?
    I am very pleased with the Pixhawk, however I am wondering about the very low speed in loiter, guided or follow me mode. I am not able to exceed 5-6…
  • The maximum horizontal speed of the copter during loiter mode can be adjusted with the Loiter Speed (aka WPNAV_LOIT_SPEED) parameter on the Config/Tuning >> APM:Copter Pids screen.  The value is expressed in cm/s so 500 = 5m/s.  The maximum acceleration during Loiter mode is always 1/2 of the Loiter speed.


    • Thanks, works fine. :)
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