HKPilot Mega V2.5 Waypoint mission issues.

hello all i have a HKPilot Mega V2.5 setup with an external compas mounted away from everything like you should. 

it has the latest 3.1.5 version of arducopter.

when i set up a waypoint mission today, i would set it to fly about 30 waypoints in a small maybe 5 acre area, and in between waypoints it would all of a sudden fly very high, (much higher than the 20m i had it defult set too)

now i need this copter to stay at a 20 metre height the whole time as its flying above an orchard to scare birds.

i seem to think this may be a barometer issue?

should i downgrade the version of arducopter i am using? as its only a cheap HKPilot Mega V2.5.

please share what you think i should do, thank you in advance

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  • 3701883153?profile=originali just done my compassmot and only getting readings of around 7% do you think this could be the reason i get changed in altitude when on a waypoint mission?

  • no one? my crops are going to start to be eaten by birds soon :(

  • 3701882599?profile=original

    around this area on this flight were some powerlines, i dont know if these could cause some electromagnetic interference or something maybe?

  • and more, thank you

    2014-11-21 13-41-26.log

    2014-11-21 13-37-55.log
  • here are some of the test flights over the orchard

    please could someone more clever than me review and tell me what im doing wrong, thanks

    2014-11-21 14-11-54.log

    2014-11-21 13-57-46.log

    2014-11-21 13-49-25.log
  • Please post your .bin or .log dataflash log file from your flight. I would actually consider upgrading to 3.2 vs downgrading. My guess your issue would probably still occur.

  • nothing?

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