Anyone else had any issues with Hobby King shipping from their China warehouse? After ordering a new hexa frame from them about a week ago, I still haven't received any shipping confirmation or a valid tracking number. The tracking number on their order status page comes up NOT FOUND when I attempt to use it on the Malaysian Post (or whatever it is) tracking site. I have contacted their customer service reps several times and been met with nothing but excuses and shallow apologies. Has this been YOUR experience with HK? Post your rant here if it has. I doubt very seriously that I will EVER order anything from them again.

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Hi Ken

it will apear in a few days, mine was the same ,,  tracking number not found for 9 days then suddenly it is visible , total of 3 weeks to Canada. 

try and put your number, it usually pops up

Thanks! Just tried that site. NADA!!!! Unknown tracking number. This is the last time I do business of any kind with them. I'd rather pay a little more from Ali Express or an eBay vendor than deal with this annoying crap again.


I hear you!

I ordered four brushed motor 25A ESCs last year and it took over a month for them to arrive.

I do not think that I received any shipping information status (Singapore Post) until the second week after they had been shipped.

Later I found out that they were now being carried in their USA warehouse for only a dollar more per ESC. Needless to say my next purchase of that ESC was made from the USA warehouse and I had them in three days!


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

Ken, I share your frustrations with HK and I try to avoid shipping through their Malaysian carrier when possible because the tracking is particularly bad. The tracking feature for Malaysian Post seems to be a bit fragmented/ununified because you have to use the right tracker for your particular type of service. I found this by just going down the list of options at and trying my tracking number in each form and so far it has always been PosDaftar ( Try your tracking number there but it may not show up for a couple of days after you get the notice from HK. Once the tracking works, expect to see something like "Shipped to NY" and then a couple more weeks of silence (or more!) then it shows up on your doorstep.

Ali Express had my stuff shipped and tracked the next day! Those people at HK deliver nothing but excuses. Even if I can get something cheaper there, I'll be using either the US warehouse or another vendor from now on. This is just irritating!!!

I had the same experience so I emailed them and they promptly gave me a new tracking number. My order was over $100 so I am not sure if that would make a difference.

Hobbyking is just terrible. Zero customer service, shipping problems often, and when your stuff actually shows up its total junk!

I have been emailing then now for a freaking WEEK and they keep giving me the run-around. After this one, I am done with them. If they don't have a part in the US warehouse, I'll be going elsewhere. No more HK China warehouse for me.

Security Camera 2000 is the same. They say something is in stock in the USA warehouse but a couple of days after you have placed the order, you get an email from "Sue" that says can they ship from the Chinese warehouse. I'm still waiting for my stuff 14 days after placing the order.

Banggood and Goodluckbuy were much better. As I recall, so was BEVRC.

Sorry to say, but there tons of complaints on the internet like yours. Had the same situation and it took 4 months for me to get something from them...

TIP: try to only order from the US warehouse or their Ebay listings (if your in the US) . I have had items delivered to me 24 hours later when ordering from their Ebay listings. 

@Robert - This is not encouraging at all. I ordered the Talon 625mm hexa frame as a base for a light- to medium-duty AP/FPV airframe. I did quite a lot of checking around and it seemed to be a pretty good frame. Anyone else here order this frame and end up disappointed? Is it workable?

Yup. Two weeks from order printed to shipped on a $400+ order. And another two days to actually get it into the hands of Singapore Post. 

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