How is Auto Takeoff supposed to work?

Where is the documentation that explains Auto Takeoff?

The little I found says the throttle is manual. I have it programmed as the fist step in a mission. As soon as I select auto mode the throttle goes to max. If I land, reset the mission and select auto again the throttle stays at zero. What am I doing wrong?

What is the proper procedure for Auto Takeoff?

I would like an Auto Takeoff and then go to an unlimited loiter so I could get setup for FPV.

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  • Detailed documentation can be found here: 

  • I have the Hexa C from 3D Robotics. I have yet to perform an autonomous flight mainly because I can't find the docs on where to auto-launch, fly wp's and then RTL. How do I make the transition from flying with my DX8 to autonomous, mission planner flight?

  • No one answered BR928's other question.

    How do you reset the mission to Takeoff is armed again. I have found that I need to re-write the mission before each take-off. Is there an easier way? Is there a way that doesn't require mission planner?

  • Hi all,

    I just setup my Arduplane using firmware 2.73.

    In mode option, there are 'TAKEOFF option.

    Did somebody try it?

    How it work?

    Can I'm using it for auto control to hand launch my plane?

    The description in manual not so detail.. link

    Can somebody give some advise??

  • Is there anyone using the auto take off feature out there????

    How is it working for you?

  • Can any of the guys that wrote the software chime in here and tell me how auto takeoff is supposed to work?

    Throttle position?

    Resetting the mission and starting over?

  • The throttle has to be advanced to initiate takeoff. It is a safety feature designed to avoid accidentally hitting a switch that activates auto mode. Both have to be done. auto mode, followed by advancing the throttle. 

  • Is there anyone who knows how auto takeoff supposed to work?

    Is anyone else using this feature. Sure makes launching easy when it works!

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