Where is the documentation that explains Auto Takeoff?

The little I found says the throttle is manual. I have it programmed as the fist step in a mission. As soon as I select auto mode the throttle goes to max. If I land, reset the mission and select auto again the throttle stays at zero. What am I doing wrong?

What is the proper procedure for Auto Takeoff?

I would like an Auto Takeoff and then go to an unlimited loiter so I could get setup for FPV.

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Is there anyone who knows how auto takeoff supposed to work?

Is anyone else using this feature. Sure makes launching easy when it works!

The throttle has to be advanced to initiate takeoff. It is a safety feature designed to avoid accidentally hitting a switch that activates auto mode. Both have to be done. auto mode, followed by advancing the throttle. 

Thanks Bob.

Right now as soon as enter auto mode the throttle goes to 100%, reguardless of throttle position, the first time the APM is booted.

What version was this implemented?

After I land and reset the mission, I get zero throttle when I go to auto mode. I will try advancing the throttle to see if that works.

I just made sure my Mission planner and ArduPlane software is up to date. The Auto Takeoff is still the same. Full throttle when you enter auto mode. Anyone else have any ideas?

Can any of the guys that wrote the software chime in here and tell me how auto takeoff is supposed to work?

Throttle position?

Resetting the mission and starting over?

Is there anyone using the auto take off feature out there????

How is it working for you?

I have managed to get it to work for my SkyFun using the following sequence after going through the instructions many times.
Turn on APM and wait for gps lock.
Test stabilise mode.
Walk plane in direction of desired launch (into wind) for 20m to establish gps direction. I think this allows the throttle to be 'activated'.
Initiate auto mode. Throttle should go to max.
Hand launch.
In combination with with the landing command, just sit back and watch.
I have only done this 3 times but it worked.


tomorrow in going to make my first auto take off mission, but like you i have a question? when i hit auto the throttle goes to max. I read the reply beneath but i thought the throtlle would automatically activate when launching the plane (when it goos over 3 m/s???) why doesn't mine do that?


Hi Bob,

Can you see where in the code that is implemented? I don't find it..


static void update_current_flight_mode(void)

    if(control_mode == AUTO) {

        switch(nav_command_ID) {
        case MAV_CMD_NAV_TAKEOFF:
... blah blah ... calculate for elevator and aileron controls....

           // max throttle for takeoff
            g.channel_throttle.servo_out = g.throttle_max;

So there's always full throttle when in auto and nav_command_ID is MAV_CMD_NAV_TAKEOFF. I can't find anything to prevent nav_command_ID being set to MAV_CMD_NAV_TAKEOFF or the above code from being called before throttle is advanced.



Hi all,

I just setup my Arduplane using firmware 2.73.

In mode option, there are 'TAKEOFF option.

Did somebody try it?

How it work?

Can I'm using it for auto control to hand launch my plane?

The description in manual not so detail.. link

Can somebody give some advise??

TAKEOFF is pretty much set an angle and a altitude you want it to go to. After that point the plane into the wind, flip into auto mode and toss. The throttle usually revs up to full unless you've done some other settings. After the APM reaches the takeoff altitude it turns to your first waypoint.

Thanks for the info. In 'Auto' mode it should work.

My question, how 'Takeoff' mode works?

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