How to defend propellers?!

Hi folks,
I was thinking about how to defend propellers and the frame from damages

And I came to the idea to cover the frame with polyurethane foam.

this stuff is cost nothing and you can easy make any shape you want.
For example - like this

What do you think about?

By the way, the similar protaction is available for "PARROT"

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    Will this protection of using the carbon rod of covering around the frame works?
  • I'm still a noob pilot so I've broken quite a few props. To protect my props I've bolted on aluminium extensions to each arm that are slightly longer than the radius of the prop (see my attached pic). They're not as light as foam but they've saved the props on several occasions. My plan was to eventually attach a guard ring to these arms (either one per prop, or a large one around the whole quad) but this setup seems to be working fine.

  • I was thinking about just using the sheets of styrene foam insulation. Just laminate two 1" sheets and cut the shape out.
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Aug 25