I am new to the site and new to doing some development with the ArduCopter.

I have played around with some DroneKit software for Python and Android. I have a fair understanding of it thus far. What I am trying to do is being able to get a ground station to control multiple UAVs.

What my process was is looking at MAVProxy and read up on it. I can connect to a physical drone Iris+ and a virtual copter by following this. I run the instance with this command 

sim_vehicle.sh -v ArduCopter -L PLACE --map --console --out <IP_ADDRESS>:14550

It works well and I can connect to it using MavProxy via the following command 

mavproxy.py --master=

Now I can connect to the physical as well with 

mavproxy.py --master=/dev/USB0

When I try to use with both mavproxy.py --master= --master=/dev/USB0

It doesn't work and I don't even know if it would work to begin with I was just trying.

All in all what i am trying to do is being able to connect to 2 drones and be able to control them with 1 ground control station.

API: to connect to multiple vehicles

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  • hello,

    i am very much interested in doing something quite similar? have you also tried running 2 instances of mavproxy and calling the same script?. on both>..

  • UsGS can do this as far as I know via 3dr radios. 

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