Hey guys ;)!


Me and my workmate have a few question about our new project and we would very thankful if somebody can help us with these.


At first i´ll talk about our task shortly: We have to build a UAV who is able to hover, who can start/land vertically and who also can fly straigthforward (Tilt the rotors after starting). After a few thougths, we decide to build a tricopter which can tilt the two front-rotors (for example like this one http://www.birdseyeview.aero/).

We have two ardupilots 2.6 and one ardupilot 2.5 available at the moment. We also have a Maja (http://bormatec.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&a...) to check the basic functions of the ardupilot (the normal Plane Mode for example...) and make some trials.


But now we search for a approach the handle the transition between hovering and plane-flight. On the one hand we found some Solutions who change the flight mode with one micro-controller, but on the other hand there are also solutions who only take off one controller an start another one with a different flight mode.

Are there some people who have experiences with projects like this who can give us some tips?

We are not sure how to change the source code of the ardupilot, to change between plane-mode and tri-copter mode... Would be great if somebody could show us a example to cope with a mix of flight modes!

We are also happy if somebody could show us how to implement the code to tilt the rotors while flying.


With best wishes from Germany (sorry for our bad english skills :D),


Fabian & Mike

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you can search for IAI Panther and Mini-Panther at youtube.com to see a much better example of a plane tricopter mix.

The German wingcopter.com uses modified APM code IIRC. They were once talking about releasing their code modification. Probably never happened as it seems they choosed the commercial route.

Thanks for your answer.

We also came across the Mini Panther and we are in contact with the IAI, but it´s a high performance drone and they´ll never get to much technical informations certainly.


Maby we contact the wingcopter-team whats their opinion about this issue. Some budget we could quite invest...

@siggie ... hi .. any update on the vtol project ??

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