Does anyone know how I can get a multirotor to maintain constant yaw/orientation during an automated flight - i.e. instead of pointing to the next waypoint, I want the platform to maintain a specified orientation throughout the flight. Thanks in advance for any help on this question. 

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In Mission Planner-Config/Tuning-Advanced Params - scroll to the bottom and change the 'Yaw behaviour during mission' to what you want.

Hi Mike, Thanks! Would be nice if you could specify the particular direction you want to maintain or better still, if you could specify the yaw value for each individual flight vector in the mission plan. That way you could fly along a linear feature and keep the camera pointed to it - for example to get oblique shots of a road, power line or river etc.

I have not tested ROI for a few iterations of the firmware but it was working as far as I recall in 2.8 or 2.9

Yaw parameters are provided in the waypoint settings in your flight plan.

Again, I am only going by what values are there, I have not personally tested these functions lately.

This will be on the cards when 3.1 is released as I am waiting for the CAM_TRIG_DIST, which will be in 3.1, to be able to rethink current flight plans.

The ROI works with the latest firmware. You just need to set it after each waypoints.

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