I just set up my Storm32 equipped gimbal to mavlink control, from a Pixhawk running AC3.3-r10.

It seem to be working as it should now, and when doing the "point camera here" command, it does like the Wiki says.

My question is; how do I regain manual control of the gimbal , after doing ROI, or "point camera here"?



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Hi, Lars, have you tested DO_SET_ROI with  Storm32 connected to Pixhawk running AC3.3-r10? Does it function the same as it in APM 3.2? Just like , mission plan:wp_1 roi wp_2, and during this course , if  set MNT_MODE to ‘target_gps_point’, then camera will look at this roi?

it seems that we can't regain manual control of the gimbal , after doing ROI, or "point camera here".To my understanding of AP_Mount library code, after  the ROI mavlink command, mount get into "target_gps_point"mode.

I have tested this. In AC3.3, there isn't MNT_MODE  but MNT_DEFAULT_MODE. And DO_SET_ROI  functions the same as AC3.2. Just like wp_1 roi wp_3. And if you want another ROI, then you can do like this : wp_1 roi_1 wp_3 roi_2 wp_5 roi_3 wp_7...laititude,longtitude and altitude of roi_2 should be setted to zero to clear roi_1. Then, during wp_5~wp_7, camera will point to roi_3.

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