How to swith minim osd panels from a tx channel?

I know how to change panels from flight mode in the "change panel" drop down in the minim config software.

But I tried selecting chnl 7 from my tx to change panels and minim osd isn't acknowledging it. How does minim know what the channel values are? There is no servo plug into it. I assume it must be in the form of a mavlink command.

What to be done to get this to work?

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              • In the minimOSD-Extra software, try unchecking the box that returns to screen 1 on error. I used ch5, if helps. 

                I did do a multi switch setup. I have a 6 position rotary switch, but haven't installed it yet. The way I have it set is a 2-position switch does off=manual on=autopilot modes enabling the other 2 3-position switches, those are mixed to get 4 flight modes and if EITHER or BOTH 3-position switch are switched all the way down I get RTL mode.


  • Did you use the minimosd config tool to change the OSD Toggle Channel which lives on the first panel of the tool to CH7 ?

    You will need an FTDI cable, which plugs into a USB port on your computer and then unplug the end of the minimosd with all the cables and plug the other end of the FTDi into the minimosd.

    Once you do that you will be able to do stuff like update the firmware or options on the MINIMOSD. The APM is not able to update firmware or settings of the Minimosd. It only sends mavlink messages which are basically this = that etc. 

    The APM doesnt know anything about the Minimosd in any form. It only knows how to send mavlink packs. Anything can read them. Minimosd spies and updates a display, the radio relays it to another, Jdrones has another board which can be used to do lots of other things like control leds and a lot more that i cant recall as i dont have one.

    • yes, I did all that. I configured 2 panels, one with typical osd stuff and one for waypoint data. Then saved via the ftdi. I also checked that chnl7 was outputting a signal in the data screen in MP. 

      • Did you upgrade the fiormware on the Minimosd ? I dont think minimosd has had this option for all that long and you could very well be using an old version.

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