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Hi DIY Drones Members!

I am in the process of completing the assembly of my new HJ-H4 Reptile Airframe, and I decided to set it up on the APM 2.6 platform, since I once had a very bad experience with my DJI F550 Hexacopter.  May be I should have investigate further the cause of the crash, but I was to much in a panic to do so.  I kept all the parts, though (at the price it cost me!), and will probably rebuild it at a later date.  So I decided to go forward with this setup for now.  All seems to be okay and properly assembled.

3691136810?profile=originalSince space is very limited on that Airframe, like on most of 'em, I decided to purchase a Favorite's Sky III, Quattro 30Ax4 ESC Module, including a 3 Amp. 5.30 Volts SBEC Module.  There were no mounting screws nor hardware, so I fixed to the Airframe with double-sided tape and it holds perfectly in place.  As you can probably see by this picture, I had to shave about ⅛" from the arm holders on each sides to allow placement of this module.  Not a bog deal, if you're asking me.  The power distribution board, being right underneath it, I didn't have to extend any wires to reach and connect this module to the main power supply source.  It can be supplied by anywhere from 2S to 6S LiPo battery packs.

3691136748?profile=originalNow, comes the time to calibrate the ESC.  Connecting it to the computer with the supplied interface wire was easy and pretty much strait forward, although there is not much to setup there, except to chose default values from the drop-down selections shown on the screen from the supplied software.  Not much of a challenge there, is there?

Now, I fail to fully comprehend this ESC's complete Calibrating Procedure, for it seems that these instructions were translated from Chinese to Russian, to Korean, then back to English ... by a Japanese fellow, that was not speaking any of these foreign languages correctly !!

My next step will be to go on a Web Quest to find a decent calibrating procedure for this type of ESC, UNLESS one of you, readers, can help me doing just that.

Until this time comes, I'll just ask around again and again.  The place where I bought the stuff don't seem to know much about the material he is selling, although it's a BIG place.  But maybe, it's too big.  There seems to be too much departments.  Cars, Trains, Helis, Planes, Gliders, Puzzles, Wood Models, Plastic Models, and that little place at the corner of the store, where there is a Drone department.  There is only one person there and he is up to his nose in it, being asked by to many customers.  It's not his fault, mind you, but it seems that this place needs more personnel in that department alone...

Anyway!  Since I have no intentions of changing the World, I might as well abide by the Rules, and follow its course!  Hehehe!

I hope to read from you all in a short while, but until that time, I which you all a good week, good flights and the best of luck in your endeavours to reach perfection in your UAVs.

Yours truly,


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  • Maybe this will help. I'm also using an APM 2.x fc with this esc. I successfully calibrated this way:

    1. Tx on throttle up.

    2. Connect battery to esc or power module if you use this. Apm emits musical tone.

    3. Disconnect then reconnect. No musical tone but red and blue leds flash alternately. Apm now ready for calibration mode.

    4. Disconnect then reconnect. Esc emits 2 beeps for 4 times.  Now this is important.  Before the 4th 2 beep sequence, throttle down. Another set of tones 3 for lipo a beep signaling end of calibration.

    When I arm it, motors now work together smoothly. But here is where I am stumped. When I throttle down to lowest setting, props still spin but slowly. Isnt it supposed to do that when its armed not the other way around? Im using v.3.2 of APM.

  • I found this manual !

    4in1 Quadcopter ESC Programming Manual.doc

  • Hi Daniel,

    Would like to tell me where I can download the 'Brushless Software USB Link'? I have tried several search engines however didn't lead me to the right path. Thx in advance.



    • Dear Jie,

      I am looking for the brushless software USB link to. Please did you got some link to download it?

      Could you please let me know?




      • Hi Vaclav, I just got this sw after series of attampts

        • Hi Vaclav,

          I just got this sw after series of attempt.

          Here you have the link:


          • Hi Jie,

            great, many thanks for it! I don`t like to bother you, but ist there some manual/describtion, how to conect the ESC via the USB Adapter to the PC?

            Could you please help?




            • Hi,

              you need to have a USB linker which has three pins connected to the ESC and a micro usb plug connected to the PC via a USB cable.

              Good luck,


              • Hi Jie,

                a....?I am little bit lost, sorry....

                Please do you have some experience with the Favourite SkyIII quattro 30Ax4 ESC?




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