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Insatiable tinkerer.

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1st build is a 250 frame mini.


Cebu City

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Butch Canares replied to Flavio BG's discussion Hexacopter doesn't want to lift up
"Try to adjust THR_MAXIMUM in mission planner set it to 80%."
Jan 3, 2016
Butch Canares replied to Rai's discussion [Solved] Need Help: Tricopter Radio Calibration - Throttle, Pitch and Roll all 'connected'
"Hi Raj I had the same problem on my quad using a 9xr pro. Mission planner radio calibration shows the throttle and yaw reversed although in failsafe it shows the correct channels. Recalibration does not work and neither re binding. Created a new…"
Aug 14, 2015
Butch Canares replied to Butch Canares's discussion Yaw and Throttle mixed up
"I tried using mixer to reassign channels but it wont arm or calibrate. I tried swapping the leads and even if calibration is okay when I plug in battery i get continouos beep errors."
Jul 13, 2015
Butch Canares posted a discussion
I always try to search through all forums before asking but this time I am completely baffled. First Im using an APM2.7 and arducopter 3.1.5. After a crash I reconnected everything as they were since apparently they weren't damaged. I recalibrated…
Jul 13, 2015
Butch Canares replied to Daniel Lachance's discussion I'm Stuck! Help would be appreciated...
"Maybe this will help. I'm also using an APM 2.x fc with this esc. I successfully calibrated this way:
1. Tx on throttle up.
2. Connect battery to esc or power module if you use this. Apm emits musical tone.
3. Disconnect then reconnect. No musical…"
Jun 15, 2015