I2C splitter problem

I'm using an I2C splitter to connect more sensors on my pixhawk. When I only connect my external compass to the I2C splitter Mission Planner gives no error. When I connect my optical flow sensor, sonar and external compass I get the error compass variance and compass inconsistent. Does anyone knows what the problem is? I use Copter-3.3. 

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  • I have exact same issue too.

    Stijn, did you find to solove this?

  • Does this happen on USB only or with the battery connected? I found that too many things on the I2C bus while powering with only USB caused this for me. Once hooked up to the battery all of the problems went away.

    • No it happens also when I connect the battery. The first error I always get is preArm: rangefinder check, normally you have to lift your vehicle 50cm above the ground because the autopilot needs to check if the sonar is of good quality. If I do this the next error I get is compass variance. When I disable the preArm check of the rangefinder the problem is solved and there is also no compass variance error.

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