If you were building a Drone Room in Antarctica what would you want?

Strange title I know but I have been tasked with coming up with ideas for fitting out a Drone room at an Antarctic base.  I have a bunch of ideas but wanted to see what the drone community would ask for (the sky's the limit!)

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What do you understand under the term Drone room?

What is the propose?

I think you need to provide a bit more information that people can respond.

Sure. With Drone activities increasing in Antarctica and with a new base being built soon the planners are interested in supporting future science. With this in mind they want to build a specialist room to support Drone activities. This would be a purpose built room/lab where all future drone activities could be based. Obviously things like charging stations and safe Lipo/fuel storage is a given but I am interested in  what other things people might think an Antarctic base might need in the future to support drone activities.

Hope this helps


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