Interested in a px4 control board?

We're contemplating making a batch of px4 control boards, as it isn't possible to buy them through 3dr at the moment and we need more for our project. We can make extras for the community if there is sufficient interest.

Let us know if you're also waiting to get a px4 board and would like us to make one for you.



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  • Hi Tobin

    Have you made the px4 boards? I also want to make some,but I do not know whether the boards can use the official firmware smoothly because of the chip ids. Can you give some information about this?

  • Hi Tobin

    Are you done with the boards? I am thinking of doing the same. Unless you have some already. :)

    If you have none available do you have a list of all the components to be populated?

    Will be greatly appreciated.



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