INT_MAX in APM planner PID section...

In short.. what is it??? Its in their but zero explanation anywhere as to what it is.


I am trying to get my 51" large quad to take off with some stablity.. So far it wobbles horribly as it runs up to takeoff speed... Motors are aligned, and arms are fine. Played with PID settings, Stabilize pitch and roll, increasing D and decreasing P... From RC Heli experience this looks like the gyro is too sensitive.

Can someone tell me what they think might be at issue here? I also still need to know what INT_MAX is in the mission planner...



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    51" wow.  

    Int max is the maximum angle the I term can wind up to. Not important for stability, just for trimming the copter in air.


    Do you have a fast wobble or slow wobble?  Increasing D can induce a fast wobble. 



  • Try P @ .3 or lower.  If it wobbles lower P until u see no wobble and can get  hovering.  Them increase D, like so until it becomes stable. 15 .16 .17 .18.   When D is to high it will become slugish .  I'm not real sure about INT_MAX.
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