IRIS+ Battery & FPV

Hello,  I now have the IRIS + and have a few questions.    First is on the battery.    I see it now comes with a 5100mAh and was wondering if anyone has found a replacement that may work better or cost less,  or is the one that comes with it the best choice when ordering spares?

Second,  I see they have moved down to a 9" blade and was wondering if going back to a 10" would work better or what the reason was to downsize?  

Third would be the best suggestion for setting up FPV.  I have the gimbal and Gopro so I am leaning towards  just installing a 200-600mw transmitter to use with my fatshark system and use the Gopro for the camera.

Any other tips or places to order spare blades, batteries would be of great help.    Thanks again

Grandpa Jake 

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  • Actually the best multis for FPV are the 250s, they are faster, less trouble to carry and basically more fun. Compared to a 250, an IRIS or any 450+ multi is a slow tired multi.

    They even fall out of the sky and suffer less damage.

    • i Agree, although bigger copters are mores stable and are used for filming more, using fpv for a large multi rotor so see what you are filming is a huge benefit.

  • The Skyzone goggles are also nice, with built in diversity and they do all the frequencies including immersion/fs.

    • Yes but also the fatshark ones are cheeper... at least the ones I'm selling. i do agree that the skyzones are better for signal because of diversity, but fatshark goggles with better resolution and a dvr for much more money of course. for a budget fpv system, i would choose the fatshark teleported v3 because they are cheep. I'm selling mine for 180 with a transmitter and battery.

  • I'm selling a pair of fatshark goggles if you want a pair for your iris. I'm including a transmitter with the price. check it out here

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