Hello all,

I bought two IRIS+ and I am having a issue with the gimbals that came with them. It seems I am getting jitter/shakes in the video footage during fast movements. I suspect it may be the dampeners that need to change.

Has anyone notice this with theirs? The gimbals is the one 3DR sells with the IRIS+.

Other than the jitters/shakes, the gimbal looks solid! Keeps the gopro stabilized no problem right out the box.

When I get close enough and do some fast movements with the IRIS, I can see the entire gimbal jittering around.

Do I need to try harder dampeners?

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I think 3DR uses a Tarot gimbal. Mine would occasionally begin quivering and the issue turned out to be a loose set screw where the camera mount attaches to the pitch motor. A little thread locker solution took care of the problem.


I just checked. I dont think thats my issue.

When you say "fast movements" are you moving the IRIS quickly like yawing (spinning) quickly?

If that is the case then you need to slow down your movements. The gimbal can only adjust so fast in relation to the IRIS+.

If the gimbal is jittery you may need to check/update the firmware and/or add a set of stiffer suspension balls to it.

Take a look here for additional info --> Tarot Gimbal

Todd H

Where can I get stiffer suspension balls that fit the Tarot gimbal? I really think its the suspension.

The gimbal is doing its job as I can see. stabilizing without issue.

One solution I found that worked really well with other gimbals was to take some foam ear plugs and stuff one inside of each of the suspension balls. This stiffens up the balls but still allows them to do their job.

Or try contacting GotHeliRC (good customer service) they sell Tarot gimbals and may have some stiffer factory issued balls.

Todd H.


I changed the suspension balls to stiffer ones. The problem is still there.

After testing, it seems to happen in LOITER mode. While is ATL HOLD mode, I do not see this jitterness.

I suspect its the corrections that the motors are doing in LOITER mode is what is causing it. The IRIS+ is very responsive during LOITER mode with very fast corrections being made with out of the box parameters.

While on the bench if I tap the gimbal motors with my finger, the motors begins to vibrate. So the gimbal needs tuning.... Perhaps tuning the gimbal alone will stop the jitterness, as it won't vibrate when the IRIS is doing its motor corrections during LOITER.

Found this video, may have the answers your looking for> Tarot Jitters & Shakes



So, before trying to tune the gimbal from stock what came with my iris.

I swapped out LOITER mode to POSHOLD mode. And amazingly that did the trick, it's a lot smoother than LOITER. No more jitters from what I can see, did 2 test flights.

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