Is CAM_TRIGG_DIST available for ArduCoper?

It appears as if people are able to use CAM_TRIGG_DIST for ArduPlane but I can't tell if it is available in ArduCopter. My attempts to use it on my quad have been unsuccessful. I am able to automatically trigger my camera shutter at a waypoint so I'm confident the mechanical setup is working. Can someone let me know if they have been able to get CAM_TRIGG_DIST to work using ArduCopter.

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  • T3

    You can find it in 3.1rc3. It is working for me.

  • Is cam_trigg_dist available in copter 3.0.1?
  • I asked the very same question and it was stated that it will be in the next release for Arducopter.

    Apparently in trunk now if you need it.

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