I was just wondering if it's possible to read the analogue voltage input value from the Pixhawk's built in ADC, preferably from ADC 6.6V connector, Virtual pin 15. I'm planning on connecting a servo potentiometer feedback to this input to measure real time angular deflection of my servo on the Tricopter. Also, any help on how can I measure the angle in a simple way would be appreciated. 

Many Thanks


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    You might want to just treat it like an analog sonar sensor

    Maxbotix Analog Sonar — Copter documentation
    • That was great! Thanks. That helped a lot.

      But also, I'm trying to use QGC for my project and not mission planner. The problem I'm facing is that, am not able to locate most of the parameters in the QGC. like BRD_PWM_CNT, and also how can I access the data I will be inputting in the virtual PIN 15 / ADC 6.6 V

      Thanks in advance for your time and efforts 

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