Is it possible to use a tablet rather than monitor for FPV/OSD?

For FPV/OSD, it seems as if the 2 options for viewing are using a monitor or goggles.  Both use A/V and RCA cabling it appears, so does that mean that most (all?) FPV/OSD is analog?  Does anyone know if it is possible to use a typical tablet, rather than monitor?  Is it possible to get an adapter that takes the A/V signal from the RCA plugs and converts it to a digital signal via a USB plug.  Is that the stumbling block, i.e. that FPV/OSD is analog and tablets are digital?

Or am I talking apples and oranges? 

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using a android tablet with USB OTG,  and a video capture device, you could display the captured video.

those devices cost very little on ebay, but I doubt the drivers are in the kernel, so whoever would program such cool app, would need to get driver from manufacturer or linux kernel.



Unfortunately for me, I'm not a programmer :-(

then, except for "learning" - the only option is to bribe donate to one of the existing good programmers, like author of andropilot or droidplanner.

There have been some success getting this to work with Google Nexus tablets.  A Russian forum user was able to convert his Nexus tablet into a rear view car monitor using EasyCap.  It required a custom firmware for the tablet and a custom built driver for EasyCap.  I spent quite a few hours trying to get it to work with my cheap Chinese made tablet, but the hardware was just different enough that I couldn't get it to work. 

One thing to keep in mind is the brightness of tablets.  I wouldn't want to use mine as a primary FPV monitor. 

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