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I fly quads and hexas

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Rob Becker replied to Rob J's discussion Is it possible to use a tablet rather than monitor for FPV/OSD?
"There have been some success getting this to work with Google Nexus tablets.  A Russian forum user was able to convert his Nexus tablet into a rear view car monitor using EasyCap.  It required a custom firmware for the tablet and a custom built…"
Nov 29, 2013
Rob Becker replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.0.1 released!
"I actually did have some kind of hiccup yesterday. It was around 4:00PM EST. I haven't looked at my logs real close yet, didn't have time. I did check GPS and a few other params though. Nothing stands out. I always had > 9 sats and a hdop of < 2.…"
Nov 21, 2013
Rob Becker replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.0.1 released!
"I posted about this in another thread, but this seems a more appropriate place.  I'm running 3.0.1 and having issues with loiter.  In stabilize and alt-hold the hexa performs pretty well.  Once I put it into loiter mode it starts to slowly pitch in…"
Jul 25, 2013
Rob Becker replied to B's discussion APM drifts in loiter/position hold, alt hold is acceptable
"Not to hijack your thread, but I have pretty much the same issue.  I originally thought it was my compassmot (180+%), so I setup an external compass (6%), but it's behaving exactly the same.  Stabalize and alt-hold are very acceptable, but put it in…"
Jul 24, 2013