Is possible to set arducopter in mode 1 ?? big problem


in any documents i read is not specified that arducopter is only for mode 2!!!

I think that there is now way to configure it in mode 1!!!

Most country in Europe are Mode1 so i think it could be useful that a user can select Mode1 or Mode2 from the code.

Is there any person that is using arducopter in mode 1 ?

Pls post detailed istruction if is it possible.

Thanks in advance



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  • Good morning

    I flew an ArduCopter this weekend in Mode 1 with a student on a buddy-box in Mode 2.

    The signal reaches the receiver and the receiver gives Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, Rudder and Mode inputs to the processor board regardless of how the transmitter is set up. So you could use any mode you like and if you wired the receiver's correct output channel to the correct input channel on the ArduPilot/ArduCopter board youre all set and ready to go!


    Honestly, setting up and flying has been made ultra simple - my THANKS to the development team ;-)



  • Yes u can use mode 1.   look  through the code.  you will find it.


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