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Gastone posted a discussion
Hi,in any documents i read is not specified that arducopter is only for mode 2!!!I think that there is now way to configure it in mode 1!!!Most country in Europe are Mode1 so i think it could be useful that a user can select Mode1 or Mode2 from the…
Apr 22, 2011
Gastone replied to Gastone's discussion Loading code problem
thanks for your reply. This is what i did. I assembled and soldered the full kit and everything seems ok. Led green on board and blu led on. I downloaded arduino .0022 (last version) install libraries and sketch for piratesng firmware. I…"
Apr 15, 2011
Gastone posted a discussion
Hi,when i connect to Ardupilot with the serial monitor i received the following error:EError: PA7 & PG1 is not reading HIGHPress Y to continue. I press Y and gives me the same error. Everything is ok. Hardware led is greed. Com port has corrected…
Apr 15, 2011