Is there a limit for DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL commands?

I am new to this and probably have a simple question:

1. We want to trigger our camera on the UAV with the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL command. As far as we understand it, every shutter release requires a waypoint (we create the polygon and use the GRIDV2 command for it). Is this correct?

2. If so, it seems that there is an upper limit of 255 waypoints maximum in every mission. Is this correct?

3. If so, this means that one could shoot a maximum of 255 photos per flight, which is far too few for us.

How can we overcome this or is there an easier way to control the shutter release and - most important - get the GPS positions of the photos.

We use ArduPlane 2.70 and Mission Planner 1.2.50.

Many thanks for your help.


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  • Hi,

    Im about to plan a mission but I'm confused with the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL and the DO_SET_SERVO commands.

    I'm following the arduplane tutorial here with the use of a canon camera and CHDK.

    Where it states:

    "Here is where we have to switch our automatic functionality for some manual labor. GridV2 has created a command after each waypoint with command type DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL. However, for our CHDK setup, we need command type DO_SET_SERVO. For each DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL command, change command type to DO_SET_SERVO, set Ser No to 7 (or whichever channel you’re using), and set PWM to 1,100 (to call the 3DR_Shoot.bas function that takes a picture)."

    But in the Standard Params settings you can set the Camera Shutter (trigger) type (CAM_TRIGG_TYPE) to "Servo" in the drop down list.

    I have setup my camera with a PWM based switch which triggers the camera just fine using (Servo out RC7), so should I just stick to CAM_TRIGG_TYPE with "Servo" action?

    Is someone able to outline the general setup for the camera triggering?..... Because when I previously setup using CAM_TRIGG_TYPE >> Servo, nothing happened at the waypoints.



  • Could this be a Python script?

    An actual editable box in MP for the distance trigger would be a lot more convenient though.

  • Moderator

    Hi Nick

    Wow, that works for me, trigger every XX metres (or feet) and an option to start when "in flight" OR at a defined WP would be my dream. it simplifies the whole process. We already have a flight distance counter and flight timer display in the user items of the HUD.

    Could the choice be done as a check box i.e  timed (every xx seconds OR distance  (every xx metres)??  and a second box to define WP start or Flight timer starting??

    That would leave all the available space (128??) WP for navigation.

  • what about the camera trigger option "trigger when 3m from waypoint" located at the top of the standard parameters menu?

    Does that option work?

  • Developer


         Yes, each do-digicam-control will take one command slot and we are constrained by eeprom space so you won't actually even get 255.  I think the limit is closer to 124.

         I guess we could change the code so that the command keeps pushing the servo button at a regular interval perhaps.

         How about using a camera that has a built in gps?


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