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Oliver G. posted a discussion
I am having 3 problems which I cannot get rid of. Maybe anyone can help.1. I'm quite frustrated with the Ctrl-F geotagging method. I was never able to get all photos correctly tagged and have no idea why and what I'm doing wrong, although following…
Oct 24, 2013
Oliver G. posted a discussion
Hi!We want to use APM to control a glider which should be launched by a weather balloon and climb up to 30 km altitude. The problem is to achieve best gliding performance to return against strong headwinds of up to 400 km/h. The stronger the…
Sep 25, 2013
Oliver G. posted a discussion
I am new to this and probably have a simple question:1. We want to trigger our camera on the UAV with the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL command. As far as we understand it, every shutter release requires a waypoint (we create the polygon and use the GRIDV2…
May 14, 2013