is there any way to lower my HDOP


I have an APM25 with the ulblox gps, my HDOP numbers seem high. for example I have 9 sat's locked right now and my hdop is 1.7.

the lowest I have seen it is 1.4 with 10 sat's. I had read where peoples are around .9.

any idea's?



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  • Actually with UBlox it's PDOP we see in MissionPlanner and logs etc. Not sure why it is called hdop because it is not. See this issue:



  • http://

    Per this entry regarding DOP : 1-2 is very good, 2-5 is good. Yes, 1 is Ideal but, for our purpose ??? I'll be comfortable is 2-3 will bring the vehicle back to pretty close to where we started.

  • Hi,

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    Thanks for the DOP link, I wasnt exactly sure what hdop was except for a measure of accuracy (horizontally) but I knew the lower number the better.

    I am not sure what the CRS value is, and havent really looked too much at the logs yet... Wow, I have so much to learn/read, I actually just found the Appendix area in the wiki for arducopter and arduplane and all the info in there...  It is overwhelming what these guys (you guys) have accomplished  I wish I would have learned of the arducopter's existence a long time ago.. for now I am playing catch up...

    as far as the u-center showing lower hdop, there must be some other factors in calculating the hdop  or maybe electrical noise from the components on the copter???



  • I have the ublox GPS module outside my window, wires routed through the rubber seal and mission planner reports a hdop of 2.4. If I plug it out of the APM and plug it in a FTDI cable and run u-center, it reports 0.9-1.2.

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    There have been several observations regarding the accuracy of the GPS but in general, the UBlox seems better in general.

    DOP - Dilution of Precision for those new to the concept.

    I looked over some of my logs and with the AC rev I am running, I only have a CRS value in the GPS line.

    What is yours?


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