Is there systematic approach to tune a tricopter?

I have a fresh build of quanum trifecta with micro apm.

Initially the tail servo was moving left and right for no reason and causing the whole thing to shake violently as soon as it takes off the ground.

After some experimenting I found that setting the YAW P value to anything in the recommended range (I believe that was 0.15-0.25) completely removes the tail shake just like that.

BUT now it just rotates around it's center constantly.

I experimented with few D values and all P values from 0.15 to 0.25 (0.01 increments) that didn't help and it feels like shooting in the dark hoping I'll hit something.

I suppose there is better more systematic approach to find the right combination? Can't find any guides on tuning tricopters though? I don't believe they are THAT exotic?


how important is the compas for that in stablize mode?
I attempted to cut the SJ10 thing that is supposed to make it use external one but it still uses the internal one with the benefit that I cant' calibrate it now. Says not enough data points.

But in APM planner it moves correctly when I move the trifecta.

So at this point I'm not sure if I have 2 issues

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  • none?

    • Hi,

      I had the talon tricopter too, but with a naze32 and it was impossible to get the yaw axis tuned with the default cleanflight pid controllers. I found a special bin file which was tuned for tricopters....(yaw authority was changed in the code). 

      Another thing I noticed was that the gear had no tight fit on the servo, so I epoxyed on there which had a major effect too.

      If it rotates, you might have to increase the I value...

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