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Work: Biotechnology Hobbys: Electronics and of course everything that flies...

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Fpv racing in Berlin, also some aereal photography with my tarot/pancake vehicle.



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Hawaiianer replied to Jubal Ragsdale's discussion 3.1 Autotune won't engage
"I also had this problem once with a overpowered hex. The problem was that the throttle stick in alt-hold was not centered. I did a throttle-middle calibration. Then it worked! Also this might be caused if any other stick has a trim set on the…"
Dec 23, 2016
Hawaiianer posted a discussion
Hi,I have a serious problem with the loiter mode on my Quad Setup:APM Copter 3.3.3FC: AUAV-X2Compass: HMC5883L (Module) mounted on a mast above the FCGPS: Banggood GPS Module (not using the compass with this module because it does not…
Jul 2, 2016
Hawaiianer replied to Hawaiianer's discussion Need help finding the issue for a sudden flip
"So the warning does not mean to many vibrations? Can a mag interference cause a flip in stabilize mode?
Maybe I should disable the internal compass.... this is possible, is it?"
Jan 31, 2016
Hawaiianer posted a discussion
Dear members,I would need some help finding the issue for a sudden flip (fortunately at only 2 meters high) of my quadrocopter running apm 3.2.1. It was a flip on the pitch axis, when I was just hovering and testing a new external compass module I…
Jan 30, 2016
Hawaiianer replied to Mr Flying Pizza's discussion Is there systematic approach to tune a tricopter?
I had the talon tricopter too, but with a naze32 and it was impossible to get the yaw axis tuned with the default cleanflight pid controllers. I found a special bin file which was tuned for tricopters....(yaw authority was changed in the code). …"
Jan 30, 2016