Jumpy Alt hold

Hello guys,

i built a new quad (after several successful quads with Arducopter 3.x) - its a F450 with Sunnysky 2212X motors and 10x4.7 props and simonK 30A ESCs, running a 3S pack.

this quad flys great on stabilize after auto tune, nice and quiet and smooth.

but as soon as i flip ALT HOLD on, it starts jumping up and down slightly (i can hear the motors "popping" all the time).

i tried some tuning but nothing really changed it. once i go back to stabilize its stable and quiet one more time.

im attaching a log of the last flight where this is shown.

can you advise what to do?


F450 jumping log.log

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  • What is the KV of the motors. I had that problem with my quad with my 1000kv motors and when i went to 8 inch props i got rid of that problem.
    • Motors are 980KV and spinning 10x4.7 props.

  • Yep, looks like vibration. Your RelAlt doesn't track really well with your BaroAlt and your ThrOut looks pretty ragged. Vibration issues really don't affect the craft much in Stabilize, but show up in AltHold or Loiter. Turn on your IMU logging to log your vibrations and do another flight to be sure.

    • Here is the log from Friday attached. can you have a look?

      2014-05-23 16-48-17.log

    • Thank you, i will gather some more logs.

  • T3
    Sounds like vibration. Did you balance your props and mount your APM on foam or moon gel?
    • APM is mounted on double sided think elastic foam.

      i dont think its vibration as props are balanced, and Stabilize seems 100% smooth ?

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