L1/L2 RTK trial user wanted

Dear DIYer,

We'd like to enroll several trail user to field test our L1/L2 RTK system. if you are experienced to integrate the RTK GPS into your system. please drop me a line. we will offer you an opportunity to test our new RTK system

it can do:

centimeter 3D positioning in open sky or half open sky.

can track 190 channel

can track gps l1/l2, glonass g1, beidou b1/b2 signal. more robust and tolerant to signal interference.



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  • I need a RTK unit for my setup. But existing ones are out of the budget. How much will it cost me? I tried using librtk and and ublox precision 6T units but setup came out to be too hacky to easily transport. How much external hardware is needed? in Other words what all do you provide with these units? I have pixhawks but sourcing quality antennas may be a problem for me.

  • Hi Tersus,

    I volunteer for testing your modules, especially for engineering surveying operations as i am an Engineering Surveyor working for a open cut Mine in NEW SOUTH WALES  in Australia using various GNSS/ open-src RTK systemsI am also building a Quadcopter and using PIXHAWK AS CONTROLLER for Aerial surveying  purposes.

  • Interested for photogrammetry applications!


  • Hi,

    I am a USA surveyor with lots of gnss experience and an evolving UAS skill set. I have an Iris + and a newly purchased X8 just in. If your system will work with a 3dr X8 or iris, I would like to assist. I am in process of testing accuracies with GCPs and other ground control.
    . My FAA 333 is in process.

  • Hey Tersus,

    we are working on automatic blade inspection using multirotors. We cooperate with such industry leaders as WavEC, 8p2 and KIC InnoEnergy. We are currently looking for RTK module for our future platform and we are interested to test out your solution.

    Our team members has high experience in PX4 sensor integration. We also have team members who were contributing in UAVCAN development (if you are interested in CAN interface for the future).

    Please write me to ilia@pro-drone.eu if you are interested.

    Regards, Ilia.

    • Hi, Llia,

      I will email you to follow up.



    • Automatic blade inspection is fun.

      Unless you plan to photoshoot the whole propeller disc from afar, most of the times they stop it askew from the perfect inverted-Y position and on a so slightly different azimuth from your pre-planned flight, that not only you have only background in the pics but you run a whisker from hitting a blade and ruining the day.

      That's why I mostly go manual on them and regular GPS is OK.

  • Hi Tersus

    We are a Surveying Company located in South Africa that uses UAV's together with Pixhawk for all our Aerial Topographical Surveys. The most time consuming operation is to put down Ground Control Points which is required before we can fly the areas. We would very much like to test your system on one of our UAV's and compare a couple of Surveys with GCP and then without GCP. You can contact us at info@aerialpix.co.za.



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    • Sure, Michael.

      I will email you to follow up.



  • Hi Tersus Team,

    I would like to test your system.

    My company copterproject.de uses and sells UAV's since 5 years.

    We use them for professional film-making and industrial inspection.

    We are in close contact to our partner and customer the Geomatics Department of the "HafenCity University (HCU)" in Hamburg/Germany


    We would do the tests together with the HCU because they have the academic knowledge and the expensive Reference-Tools.

    We can provide you a scientific report at the end of the test.

    Thanks and Regards 

    Haydar Biyik


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