lagging motor

I've been having trouble getting my arducopter to take off without flipping however after re-calibrating the ESC's (i used the auto method) and correcting the motor connections on my PDB it appears that it almost wants to takeoff.

However one motor seems to be lagging a bit behind the others, it seems to start spinning when the others do however the arducopter clearly tilts in the direction of this one motor as if it isn't working hard enough.

I did notice that one of the three wires that connects to the ESC of which this motor is connected had come off it's solder pad when it was first delivered to me so i just re-soldered it. Might that be indicative of further problems with that ESC? Any other suggestions for troubleshooting?

Also I noticed on this motor that the prop sticks out the bottom (as well as the top). See picture to see what I'm talking about. Is this normal? i only ask because two of my motors look like this and the other two sit flush against the bottom of the motor.


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  • The C clip should be flush to the bearings top and bottom.

    In another area of pressure on existing bearings there should be some thrust bearings made for these mini copters.

  • There's a very small allen key hole (1.5mm I think) near the top of the purple part of the motor which clamps onto that centre shaft. Loosen the allen bolt, move the shaft, then tighten it back up. It could be that your shaft is loose, so when the motor spins, it's not fully driving the prop.

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