• I hand launch and land in Stabilize mode. Works really well. I used to do it in Manual and had many....exciting times. No drama at all in Stabilize.

    • Stabilize maintains both roll and pitch level if I am correct;  does that mean you have to pitch down to keep the plane descending when approaching landing?

      • I do a bit of adjusting the pitch since the motor is usually at idle and I need the nose down a little for forward speed. Remember all Stabilize does is level the aircraft if you release the sticks.  I haven't tried it but I suspect if I just let if fly in Stabilize and cut all power it would eventually stall. The main reason I like Stabilize so well is that it greatly reduces overcontrol on my part and makes my landings seem like I know what I'm doing. It's especially useful in hand launching since I know I can ignore the roll as the aircraft will take care of that itself. I can then focus on getting the pitch up. FBWA is supposed to be good for takeoffs and landings but I tend to prefer Stabilize.

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