Large Hex Flipping on Takeoff

I have been troubleshooting my Tarot X6 960mm hex running Pixhawk, and cannot figure out why it is flipping on takeoff. I have reviewed a number of other forum topics, but can't seem to get a stable takeoff. Recent corrections/checks have included...

- Re-calibrate R/C Inputs

- ESC Calibration

- Check motor directions/response by holding vehicle over head, all responses appeared correct

- adjusted trim just prior to takeoff to keep vehicle level.

After lifting the vehicle off the ground about 2-3", it proceeded to flip left (opposite Motors 1,4,5). It has yet to flip in the other direction. After looking at my tlogs, it appears that 1,4,5 are actually at a lower PWM than 2,3,6, so i don't know why they would be overpowering. The inputs seem opposite of what the vehicle is actually showing. unfortunately, i don't have the flash logs, as i need to most likely reformat the card (corrupted log files on the vehicle). 

Frame - Tarot x6

ESC - Hobbywing 40A Opto

Motors - Multistar 350kv 700W

Autopilot - Pixhawk

R/C - FrSky Taranis x9D w/ X8R receiver

Any suggestions/help would be most appreciated...


2016-09-25 09-24-40.tlog

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  • hello, do you still have this drone? can I buy the tarot x6?
This reply was deleted.