Let's talk Canon cameras

Id love to get an idea what people are using for their aerial mapping Canon cameras. I have the Canon S95, which usis optical image stabilization (OIS). This means the lenses are floating and move around in a very finite level to adjust for your hand movement. This poses a big problem for aerial work when the vibrations are noticeable. The lenses literally vibrate and no amount of shutter speed can fix it. I get very poor results; most aren't keepers but sometimes they are depending on motor rpm. Ive tested this camera for years on many different platforms, tried every vibration reduction method and still get bad results.


So, I'd love to hear what you are using and how the results work.


UPDATE: Ive ditched the Canon s95 in favor of a Sony NEX-5R with an intervalometer app. Ill be using a Sigma 30mm lens.

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  • A very good way to balance props


  • Best regard.
    Currently I am working with the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Valle del Cauca CVC, and I'm working on the conservation of natural resources. I'm doing tests with a glider (SkyEye of HoobyKing) for mapping and to monitor some watersheds, acquired a Canon S100 Camara and surprised the work you did in Peru, I would ask for your support so that you sent me the version of CHKD with the script you use to take these photos as menu configuration instructions of camera manually. I have already made flight tests with Mission Planer and APM 2.5, achieving autonomous flight and fire the camera automatically at each waypoint.

    Thank you

    Javier Vergara

  • We are now using the Sony a5100 for most projects (RGB and NDVI). It has a 24MP sensor with excellent dynamic range. It is also light weight and small enough for easy installation when used with the Sony 16mm or 20mm E-mount lenses.
    • I recently purchased an a5100, would you be willing to share the settings you use for aerial mapping? I keep getting blurry photos and can't figure out what's causing it. Not sure if it's a setting with the playmemories app or not? Any help would be much appreciated!!!!

  • Hi

    It is the first day of 2016 today and there must be some progress in this area. I wonder what are the hot cameras in the topic today? Are people still using NEX5 and EOS-M ?

  • So now that some time has passed, which camera is now being recommended?
    • Canon EOS M with an fixed 22mm lens pixawahk controled, on board of an hexa 800. I still use de canon sx260 on the planes (Skywalker 1900 and Skywalker X8)
  • Canon USA currently has the S100 refurbished for $98.99!  At this price you could buy a couple of them and convert one to IR.  Here's a link:


    • Good idea, have you seen any instructions for a DIY conversion and/or know of a service that would do the conversion at a reasonable price?

      • It's one of the easiest and most popular cameras to convert.  Event38 sells the filter for $60.  You can use the information from the wiki at publiclab.org to find out how to convert the S100 and they also sell filter kits for only $10.  Here's a link to a youtube video on converting the S95 (almost identical to the S100) using the publiclab filter kit. 

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