Lights for hexcopters

I recently purchased from Hobbyking the Turnigy LED system for about $8. Its got a variety of LEDs in different colours and some are also strobes. The idea is of course to place them about the frame to help with orientation. Its got a green for starboard, red for port, some strobes etc.

Just to help below is a link...

It says it draws 30am. Perhaps im being paranoid but i did see the other thread where it appears the system browned out because a fuse kicked in because of too much power. Should i run this off my rx or use a baby batter just to be sure.

I was also interested if others found these leds useful. Its going to be a pain thread the cables thru the arms but at least you only have to do it once x6 :)

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  • Update: The lights are pretty useless in the sun. My original comments were  made against dusk and indoors at night where they do stand out. Ultimately they are not bright enough and are just too small for the daytime.

  • You should be fine running it off your RX. It might drain power fast, your probably best off running off a AA pack of batteries. Is you RX being powered from the APM? 

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