• I'm doing some connectivity tests with the various Copter versions and LightWare devices. I'll let you know as soon as I have some concrete information.
    • @Robert I am about to start testing our SF10c via I2C. How did your tests go. Any advice?

      • Hi Justin,

        It appears that copter 3.3.3 does not support I2C for LightWare devices, however when I use the latest development version of 3.4 it works perfectly.

        You also need to make sure you have the RNGFND_ADDR set to 85, which matches the SF10's default I2C address of 0x55 - the 85 is after you convert to decimal.

    • Thanks Robert!

  • Alf,

    But Copter-3.4 has not been released.  Did you mean Master? Can you connect via I2C with that code?  Thanks!

  • Copter-3.3.3 claims to support the LightWare SF10/x via I2C.  I also tried to connect as in the wiki, but I don't get any readings either.  Were you able to make it work?

    • Hi Al

      Are you able to try Copter-3.4?

  • How can i set the parameter RNGFND_ADDR found in wiki parameter list?

    Or is it for coming version of copter?

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