Hello Everyone,

i have unfortunately still got some issues with my APM on my small copter.

Two weeks ago, when launching the copter it leaned to one side after switching to Loiter and crashed on a street.

Having done a flight test last weekend, everything worked perfectly, it was hovering and i could just up and down it by using the throttle.

Today, i have done another test flight, it worked perfectly again until the battery was empty.

After changing the battery against another fully charged one, i have got the "lean to one side and crash" behavior again.

Does anybody know why this happens or what could be the cause ?

I usually plug in the battery and then wait ~ 90 seconds, then level the copter (stick to the left for 15-20 seconds, then arm and launch in stabilize. After reaching e.g. 5-10m height, i switch to loiter and then get the results as described above.

Has somebody seen the same and maybe resolved the issue ?



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  • theres no need to level each time you change battery.

    the setting will drift a bit over time (and with temperature changes), but once you have it flying level dont touch anything unless you start to see an error.


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