Longer flight setup

I'm wondering how the arducopter can flight for over 30 mins! My one can flight for 10 mins only and would like to design a arducopter which can flight more than 15mins. As below is my arducopter setup:


Mode: Hexa

Motor distance: 550mm

Motor kv: 660

Battery: 3 cells 5000mah

Propeller: 1147 

Total weight (include battery): 2150g

Flight duration: 10mins

Loiter mode: 15mins


Could you share your copter setup and flight duration? :)


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  • I run 12 x 3.8 on 4cell and 600 kv... ..  I think your prop is a bit small.. try 12x3.8 and 2 x 5000 like Richard said..

    Eddie Weeks


  • T3
    Double up your battery, you can get way past 15 minutes with two 5000 batteries.
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